How is the stock fan for the phenom II series?

I am purchasing a Phenom II 965 and was curious if I should stick with the stock fan or upgrade it to a better fan, I have no plans to oc, but I would like the option and I have also heard that using an aftermarket coling device voids the warranty on the CPU, any advice?
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    Stock fan for the higher end Phenom II models(including 965) is a decent fan with a copper base and heat pipes. I overclocked a Phenom II 940 to 3.5Ghz using the stock heat sink, it stays just under 60C. The fan spins about 5000rpm, and as you would imagine gets really noisey at those speeds.
  2. The stock fan for my 550 Black Edition is pretty sweet - nice and cool, barely audible when it spins up during CPU load. It'll do me perfectly well until I have a crack at unlocking cores and/or overclocking.
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  4. thanks i believe i will go ahead and stick with stock for now
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