P6T vs P6T Deluxe V2... (que?)

Hi! :hello:

So, motherboards really aren't my strong suite when it comes to computers. Now, I intend to purchase a new computer from scratch fairly soon, but this time I really want to make an informed decision about every single piece I buy (not like last time... urgh...).

Now, between these two.. I really don't see much of a difference except:

the Audio chipset,
the fact that there's two network plugs for the deluxe (why?),
and two extra USB ports.

I'm sure that for some people that's worth it, but for your average user (i.e. me), is it worth an additional $40 to shelve out or is this close to a scam? :P (not quite that bad, but I just don't get it, so I bash what I don't understand... u know how it works).

Okay, the link below shows the two different Motherboards compared to one another on newegg

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  1. Well you should forget about those boards and get any of these...

    And as for the price difference, it is for the Dual-Lan, eSATA, better power management for the CPU and so called premium features...So I would suggest you stick with the non-Premium models as we seldom use the so called premium features...
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