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I just recently got win xp pro (64-bit) on my laptop. I used to have vista, but xp is just so much faster.

Everything is going ok. I have network drivers and mousepad drivers, and mostly all drivers are working. The only one I cannot find is for my x1400 ati mobility. I'm assuming that there are no win xp 64bit drivers. I find a lot for vista and xp 32bit.

When I try to install the drivers i get a "Thunk.exe inf file is missing" error.

I have tried downloading a few from the dell site (the lappy is a dell) all to no avail. I have been searching for about 2 weeks on and off when I had time and saw many people who have had this Thunk.exe problem but haven't seen a solution.

If any of you have run into this problem before and found out what to do, it would help me so so much.

If nothing happens here I might try to email ati/amd, but I don't know how far that will get me.

Anyways, thanks. battery running low :P

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    The official ATi drivers page didn't show a 64 bit driver for that card but they did for 32 bit.

    It appears that support for that card was dropped by the time 64 bit drivers were being worked on.
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