Cannot copy file cannot read from the source file or disk


I frequently receive the following error message even though I dont try to copy anything. What happened was, that I had a USB stick connected to copy data from the USB stick to my PC. The USB stick was connected to a MAC prior to connect it to my PC. Now this error message keeps annoying me without being able to get rid off it. The Microsoft Guided Help does not work, the manual starting XP with a clean boot neither although I logged in as the administrator and I also downloaded the longpathtool....but without knowing the name of the file that the PC still keeps trying to copy it does not seem to work....

Thanks for your support

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  1. This is happening without the USB drive in the computer? Just comes up when you start the computer? Did you get that error when you tried to copy a file to/from the USB stick? After a reboot the computer should not be trying to copy anything.
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