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H100 and i7 920 temps

Just wanted to take a sec and see if these temps look good...

Right now the hottest core is about 42c and the coolest 32c..and avg of 39c.

Also, I am running a push/pull setup of Cougars on the h100. Are these okay? Seems to me like maybe they should be in the low 30s?

Thanks all!
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  1. Those are fine temps at load...why do you feel they should be in the 30's?
  2. That's at idle..... Lol I applied AS5 at install but I seriously doubt the cure time will drop the temps by 10c. What do you think?
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    Temps are completely dependent on your ambient room temperature; you cannot go lower than room temperature. Those temps are really good- I doubt you will see anything lower than that unless your room temp goes down.
  4. Thanks again for the response Rubix.

    My room does usually run slightly higher than the rest of my house bc of my rig and monitor. Glad to hear those are some solid temps though. I was worried they may be a little on the high side. Once my fan controller comes in this week it will be slightly easier to manage too. I give myself about a year until i upgrade to a complete WC system.

    My first plan this summer is new mobo, processor, and DRAM. Then WC...
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  6. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about them- I have a full water loop and my i7 2600 runs around 30C at idle, and around 52C at 100% load with Intel Burn Test (which stresses a CPU far more than any application out there). It sounds like you are good to go.

    I went from a Q6600 @3.6ghz to the Core i7 2600 and where you see the actual performance is number crunching...if you play a lot of games, you would be better suited to just upgrade your video unless you just want to upgrade. I tested a 560 Ti card in my old rig from my buddy's i7 rig and we were seeing fairly similar graphic benchmarks (not processor, though) and graphic detail was very similar as well.

    Just my experience with a very recent upgrade...didn't know if it would apply to your situation or not.

    Good luck!
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