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Good morning, here is a quick back story. I have an old Dell that I use for local hosting and has 3 HD. 2, 150GIG and 1 40GIG. Originally I had server 2003 on one of the 150gig. I recently had a problem with the machine, but had to back up files on the server 2003 OS install. I decided I no longer needed server 2003 and did a fresh install of XP onto the 40GB HD. After installing I backed up through XP all the data on the old 2003 drive that i needed to back up. I then went to format the old 150GB server 2003 drive and get a failure "Windows cannot format this drive". When I go into disk management E: 40GB XP says Boot, C: old server 2003 says System. I have never dealt with this situation before and as of now I am at a loss.Any info would be wonderful. Thanks
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  1. Sorry if I was not clear... I am not trying to dual boot, the first time i rebooted the machine during boot up it listed both OS. With XP as the first..
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