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hey guys i was wondering if you can overclock a Intel i5 2300?, or wont it be able to because its not a Intel i5 2300k?
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  1. It will not overclock. It has to have the "K" to be able to overclock.

    This is because the PCIe and SATA clock generators are tied to the BCLK and when you up the BCLK, they get unstable and cause the system to crash.

    Not to mention that you don't want to push the PCIe clock above 100Hz as it can fry your mobo and GPU.

    If you plan to overclock, get a 2500K. They almost always get to 4.5GHz.
  2. It can only overclock 400mhz with a mobo that can oc, and that's not messing with the bclk. He already owns the 2300, no point in such a small upgrade. You never really mentioned what you use it for but if it's for gaming, the 2300 is plenty for a more powerful gpu than what you have.
  3. If you have a P67 or Z68 motherboard you can overclock 400Mhz via the Turbo Boost as K1114 has said.
  4. yeah i probley should have mentioned that i am a gamer sorry about that
    thank your for the info
    i probley should make another post but would getting a prebuild watercooling as in the corsair h100 be worth getting at all
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    All intel non-K cpus can be overclocked to 400mhz more than their turbo boost. Of course they need a P67 or a Z68 mobo.
    Here you can see a few tips how guru 3d overclocked an non K processor: Core i7 3820 processor review .
    And here are a few things about you processor from intel: core i5 2300

    So you can see that you can achieve something like 3,1+0,4=3,5Ghz and this is only possible by messin with the multiplier and you can gain some more by messin with BCLK frequency.
    This is also an article for non-K from xbitlabs: Intel Core i5-2500, Core i5-2400 and Core i5-2300 CPU Review .
    But in the end it shouldnt matter a lot to gain a couple of FPS if you only play games as some other people said...

    Edit: Some info from tom's as well: Overclocking: Sandy Bridge Changes The Game

    Edit 2: :P
    defynphysics said:
    getting a prebuild watercooling as in the corsair h100 be worth getting at all

    I would agree with this, in my opinion such small o/c isn't something air cannot do...
  6. An H100 is just wasting money on a system with limited overclocking. Even if you had a fully unlocked processor the H100 is really only a good idea if you have limited space in your case. The 2500K/2600K will hit their sweet spot of 4.5Ghz with a $30 Hyper 212 so why spend $130 on an H100 unless you have to. Put the $100 saved into a video card.
  7. Also since you can only oc 400mhz, that still puts you below the stock 2500 speed which is fine on the stock cooler.

    Btw that graph has the 2500 with the wrong speed at 3 cores. And you cannot oc the 2300 like the 3820. SB bclk is connected to pcie, sata, and other stuff unlike any other cpu.
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