First time builder (best deal for $1100-1300)

This is my first time building a computer.

My first question is should i buy the parts during the holiday season i.e. after black friday inorder to get good deals? Or is there hardway thats coming out in the near (next few months) future that i should absolutely wait for?

I havent kept up with the latest hardware, so i will need help catching up. Ive been looking at stuff in newegg, but its kinda overwhelming. I would like to build an "enthusiast" gaming computer and I do not need speakers or an OS. I prefer Intel CPUS and Nvidia GPUS. Overclocking and SLI is optional depending if it gives me the bigger bang for the buck. I also plan on getting a 22inch monitor. Please help me decide when and what to buy, i would greatly apreciate it. I'll be able to decide what mouse/keyboard, case, hardrives, and disk drives to get by myself, so that is not an issue.

Much apreciated

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  1. See the stickies!
  2. Don't think you can build an "enthusiast" computer with a budget like that, but definitely a decent gaming computer.

    As jbl said the stickies should help quite a bit.
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