HELP !!! Stuck between thermaltake SPINQ VT and CM V6GT !!!

Hello guys ,
I am stuck between which cooler to buy the THERMAL TAKE SpINQ VT or the COOLER MASTER V6GT......I have a few questions :
Which one is better in terms of COOLING , NOISE (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ME) , and SIZE ( I LIKE HUGE SizE COOLERS SO THE BIGGER THE BETTER ) ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

For what I have researched the spinq vt is smaller , less in cooling , but way less in noise than the v6gt........
So my question : HELP ME CHOOSE ?
By the way if any of you know a better cooler in the same price range please telll ......!!!!!

I'll be using it for 2500k on an ASUS P8Z68v- pro motherboard..
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  1. Man i just got the V6 GT! its super slick and nice looken and the COOLING! is amazing but i dont know much about the thermaltake. And the v6 gt is HUGE looks great is my case.
  2. Thermalright makes the best Aircoolers:

    Thats the best Aircooler money can buy ATM...and Yes its looks sleek and smooth...IMHO
  3. Coolermaster 212 EVO is by far the best cooler for the money.

    Outperforms the big dollar coolers and some water coolers as well.
  4. Ah, I have been suggesting the 212+ for so long I think the OP wants something different
  5. i think the spinq is awsome looking but i dont like the push pins for installation
    im hooked on zalman
    they have one with a blue led to match your board and it gigantic
  6. I know that the cooler master 212 evo is pretty good in cooling.............. but I have a cm storm enforcer casing and I am very much inclined towards THE LOOK.....

    ANY suggestions ?

    Thanks in advance...
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