I have z5500 speakers

im looking for a sound card $100 - $150 (cad) for my logitech z5500 speakers, will be used for music gaming movies. any suggestion ??
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  1. i would get this one


    if you need a pci x one, then just get one just like it.
  2. Well I would hop on Newegg or your preffered and type in X-fi and get the best you can afford creative is not the only people that use the X-fi processor anymore and there are good choices I have the Fatality champian hooked up to my Z5500 love it over kill sound card I know now but still love it :)

    Look at this one


    Not sure what 99 us is in CAD but I'm guessing in your range. And this is the new one with PCI-e connector mine hase PCI you need to poke around in your case and see which one you need..

  3. I would recommend the ASUS Xonar DX (PCIe) or Xonar D1 (PCI).
    Both offer excellent sound quality and a full feature package.
    For your best sound quality, use the analogue connections as these cards create a better analogue signal than the z5500's onboard DAC.

    Stay away from Creative's offerings, they are extremely subpar and overpriced.

    HT|Omega and Auzentech also both offer high quality cards and anything from either manufacturer is a ready alternative.
    I would however recommend sticking with the C-Media CMI8788 (AKA Oxygen HD) chipset, the same as in all the Xonar cards.
    It is the newest offering from C-Media and offers an excellent feature package along with high quality sound.
  4. +1 for the Xonar.

    Support from Creative sits somewhere between terrible and non-existent.
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