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how can i install my drivers on two hard drives set up has a raid, on my pc that i built? It is running now but is showing i need drivers. their 300 gb 10,000 rpm Raptors.
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  1. If it is running, what types of drivers is it asking for specifically? WD drivers if you need them, are available at the WD site under support.

  2. when i set everything up new the drivers never installed, but the pc is working, someone told me it had to be done at the orignal start up. they are western digital velociraptor's
    WD3000GLFSRTL, 16 MB, 3.5" and is a raid the best way to go for gaming?
  3. Win 7 has a way of installing the appropriate drivers when new devices are attached. If the drives are working fine, don't mess with it.

    Regarding RAID; you do not need RAID for gaming. In a RAID setup, you will see just a small performance increase that will not be noticeable. No need to complicate things.
  4. it seems to be running ok, but if i do a test on the hole system the hard drives are only coming up at a 6 on a scale from 0 to 10, everything else is at 9, and at the bottom of my desk top screen its saying i have a problem to fix.. install hard drive drivers. I tried going through w7 but it says not available.
  5. Allright, you are in the paranoia stage, that happens to all builders, specially on new builds. Dont worry, it will pass.

    You computer is working fine, no need to change. And that score thing is crap, dont listen to it. BTW, that "problem to fix" message on windows is also crap, dont listen to it.

    Yes, RAID is great for gaming, cause it speeds loading levels, and that is even better when online gaming. FPS doenst change much tough. Nevertheless, if you have 2 or more HDDs, better to RAID them, its even better to manage under Windows Explorer.
  6. Yea! i think your right, just getting nervous and want everything running up to par for bf3.lol :lol: but thanks again guys for the help, you guys are the best, good luck and happy gaming. BullDogJoe.
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