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Hey guys how are you guys doing today i had a couple questions about ssd and x58 motherboards and Marvel controller.

Okay lets see i wanted to add a SSD for my system since it would be a huge upgrade i want to spend about $200 USD. I see the vertex 3 is now listed for $189 on new egg aside the blue screen errors i don't know if they fixed. I was researching that with a Marvel controller i would not get optimum speeds listed or no where close. My question is what should i do i was thinking of upgrading next year when ivy league comes out. I would get a new mobo but i cant justify to spend 500 + for just optimum speed if i wanted to go with sandy bridge since i have a i7 950 now. My question is what is the difference in benchmarks speeds is the ocz vertex 3 best bang for the buck for me or should i go with the ocz vertex 2 which is cheaper and upgrade later on. I also heard that there are PCI adapter you can get other than the ocz PCI express ssd which is $500 :(.
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    With X58 don't bother with anything SATA-III based unless you have a newer X58 motherboard - a few I know of support it from like Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, and so on. Be sure to check your manual. Yeah you could add adapter cards and that kind of stuff, but they're a huge pain the ass to configure. The thing is - even though X58 is getting old and outdated it will still last you quite a while since the software is ALWAYS one or two generations behind the hardware. So with that in mind, like I said - don't bother with anything SATA-III based. SATA-II based SSDs are still plenty fast and they blow traditional hard drives out of the water. Just do a little bit of research - and go with a well known brand. Most Intel drives are excellent, as are anything Samsung, Western Digital, a few OCZ drives, and a couple others I cant think of.

    Don't bother with the Revo drive - it's amazing technology, that's for sure, but if you're running SLI or other monster graphics cards, you've already used all your PCI-e X2.0 slots, so running the drive in a different slot on your motherboard would be pretty useless.
  2. I forget to add that i had a evga x58 sli ftw 3. is that a newer one ? or should i go with the ocz 2?
  3. EVGA makes good boards but I'd have to see what the specs are. It's possible that it does support SATA-III but I'd say check the manual.
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