Help With Case Selection (<$100)

Hey guys, I JUST finished choosing my parts list earlier and my girlfriend informed me that she's going to buy my case. This means I can get a slightly more expensive case than previously planned. Here are the qualifications, and it'd be great if you guys could give me some suggestions based on this:

- Less than $100
- Has a top fan
- Clear side/something else that looks really cool and stands out lol

That's about it! lets hear what the guru's have to say!

**On a quick side note, can I jack the (aftermarket) Samsung CD/DVD drive I put in my Dell last year and put it in the new build, or do I need driver software for it? I can't remember if I needed the driver software disc or not for it, if I do, I'll buy a new one because I have no clue where that disc would be.
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    This case has been getting a lot of my attention lately. You may not like the front bezel having a door as it might get in the way, but I like it. All personal preference really.

    Also for the drive, it should be fine. Plug and play pretty much.
  2. Nice option onyx, thanks for the speedy reply on the case and drive!
  3. Also list a few of the parts which you are going to put in, if you have a large video card, it may not fit in some mid cases.
  4. Ok it should fit, I was also looking if you were going for an aftermarket CPU cooler which you aren't.

    Another reason why I like that case is the placement of the usb and audio jacks. Take note of that if you plan on using those if you do consider that case.
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