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I was overclocking my card following what other people have said, I over volted aswell from 0.975 to 1.100 and over clocked to 900 core and 2270 memory, I was stress testing with EVGA OC Scanner and had no problems, I t was getting pretty hot (88oc) and and all of a sudden while stress testing it shutdown instantly and made a sparking noise which was pretty loud, my room was smelling like burning for a minute and I took the computer apart and was sniffing around and couldnt smell anything, the power supply looks ok when looking from the outside at the inside. i dont want to put it together and break something else if something is broken, please help. I will answer questions asap
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  1. Ive just been testing and when I plug in the main things (taken out the gpu) and try turn it on. nothing, but the green light on the motherboard is on, dont tht mean that the psu has some life?
  2. Sounds like you popped a CAP on the GPU
  3. yeah but testing it now, the computer wont turn on even without the gpu. I think it could be the PSU, I dont know how anything can be wrong with the GPU
  4. You overvolted it thats what could be wrong with the GPU, geez...and yeah you could have cooked the whole rig....Anytime you OC or Overvolt a component you run the risk of cooking everything ...PSU,GPU,MOBO,RAM, and CPU...You follow !! The popping you heard is most definetly a popped capacitor whether its on the MOBO, PSU, or the GPU....The MOBO's VRM's can get cooked fairly easy as well when OCing...BTW...If you think its the PSU just borrow one from someone or purchase a cheap Antec Earthwatt for like $40.00 to test it out...We can't help if you can't troubleshoot with other parts
  5. im looking into getting a Coolermaster GX 650W, on the gpu, will anything look different t anything has blown
  6. Look for splits in the can like looking things those are the caps
  7. *** it, if my GPU is broken, im getting a whole new PC, new CPU, maybe not ram or case but everything else
  8. ok ill take it apart and have a look
  9. You just fried your PC, over voltage is a dangerous scheme. You probably fried the GPU, MB and or the CPU.
  10. Well I have just got my PC back to life a month and a half later and I foud out it was just my PSU and GPU, from a 600w I upgraded to 750W Modular and I upgraded my RMA'd Graphics card to EVGA GTX 570 Classified.
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