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Ok so heres the deal...I keep seeing the replies saying all you need is 1333 MHz RAM as thats really all the CPU's IMC (Recent Gen. AMD and Intel) can handle...Yet I have seen MOBO's that can maintain up 2400 MHz RAM....So, why do they even make RAM that exceeds the IMC's ability to handle it? I always use 1600 MHz RAM....The real question is: Is getting RAM with speeds higher than 1333 MHz in anyway beneficial?
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  1. Nobody has any comment on this?????
  2. I have an i7 setup with 1600mhz RAM. By default the system will run the speed at 1333 but it can be pushed to 1600mhz if you change the settings.
  3. Any DDR3 RAM above 1366MHz is overclocked; the specific chips on the higher speed RAM are the best of the best from the production process. RAM rated at higher speeds allows the user a "cushion" for overclocking the CPU. Most of us can function quite well at 1366MHz and 1600Mhz (because there is so much of it available). Do get the lowest latencies you can find/afford, that will increase the system's performance (especially in benchmarking software). Most DDR3 1600's seem to be 9-9-9-24, but there are some that are 7-8-7-X, and some 8-8-8-X. I have some older DDR3 1600s that are 7-7-7-21, but they were very expensive.
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