HORRIBLE problem with HD 4670

Hey everyone, I've had a terrible problem with my HD 4670 ever since I got it. I have a Dell XPS Studio 16 inch with a mobility HD 4670, 4gb ram, and a core duo T9550 2.66 ghz. I can run several games at full settings with solid fps, including Fallout 3, Oblivion, and HL2: Episode 2.

HOWEVER, i can not run Counter Strike Source at ANYTHING below the lowest possible settings. Even at the lowest settings, I get anywhere between 20-30 fps, with significant drops every few seconds.

This makes no sense considering I can run all of the aforementioned games very smoothly.

Any help would be extremely appreciated, thank you all for your time.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Have you updated your VGA driver ? also what is your OS ?
  2. I think in Source, there is an option to set your graphics renderer as Software, OpenGL, or Direct3D. Set it to OpenGL if it isn't already. If that isn't the problem, I know there's a few console commands that addresses FPS but they're slipping my mind. Might want to look into those.
  3. http://www.wiki.empiresmod.com/index.php?title=Client_Optimization

    Try some of the commands in there.

    And make sure you're not overheating.
  4. Do what skolpo said.
    And turn v-sync off.
  5. Thanks for the help everyone. I entered all of those commands, and it raised my fps slightly, from like 20 to 40.

    40 is still playable, but its still not the best :/

    And CSS doesnt seem to have an option for choosing between OpenGL and Direct3D?

    Also, I'm running Vista 64 bit, and I'm not quite sure, but I think I have the latest drivers. Could someone link me with the latest one perhaps? I downloaded one a while ago, but it might not have been the latest one.

    I just dont understand how I can run all of these new games that are so demanding, but I can barely run counter strike source, its really annoying :(

    Thanks again for the help everyone, its greatly appreciated.
  6. My card i.e 9800GT(Which is better than a 4670) scored 40Fps on 1280X1024 with all settings maxed out on Source.
  7. Well, I installed the driver, put everything on the lowest settings, and I still get 40fps max....

    I guess its decent, but it still makes no sense to me
  8. Quote:
    Well considering Shubham1401 has a 9800GT, which is faster than a 4670, and he gets 40fps, I'd say it makes perfect sense.

    I disagree, it doesn't make perfect sense. Shubham1401 had his settings "maxed out", whereas g0dzilla was using the lowest settings !!
  9. Is the 9800 GT BETTER THAN 4670
  10. Yes 9800GT is much better than 4670.
    See Benchmarks.
  11. Driver updates regulary include individual game enhancements, refinements. This is usually mentioned in the release notes. Adding 2 cents.
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