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Whenever I plug in anything and I mean ANYTHING such as a USB mouse or even a flash drive, Windows makes me install it. Then, in the middle of the installation it gives me the a warning saying: "The software you are installing for this hardware has not passed Windows Logo testing...". Whenever I click continue anyway it works perfectly fine. This gets very annoying as I thought that these devices are supposed to be "Plug & Play". My computer is a Dell Dimensions 4550 running all of the latest updates for Windows XP SP3.

Thanks for any help,
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    Congratulations !!! You bought a Dell. Just because you have USB on the MB does not mean the Genie recognizes devices on the fly, drivers will be installed. Many of those notice will install from windows DB cab files, although there maybe exceptions. The only Flash Drive I noticed recognized across OSes and systems is the Lexar FireFly.
    As long as it installs and devices work "it ain't broke" leave it alone.
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  3. Alright, thanks.
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