Unlocking the locked core gtx 560ti 448

Hi guys,

I have been vigorously searching the net over the past week regarding this but cant find anything.

I know the ATI cards can be flashed to upgrade them but what about the Nvidia cards.

Also another quick question, i am right in thinking these are the same PCB etc.. as the 580's despite 1 core and memory controller being disabled. Would i be able to SLI a 560 ti 448 with a 580 or 570??

Any info would be really appreciated especially something on how to unlock the cores.
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  1. nvidia usually laser cut them to stop unlocking to a higher card unlike amd

    sli with 2 different cards may be possible though

    though not sure if it would run as 2 of the lower cards--ie 1 gtx560ti and one gtx570 may run the same as 2 x

    gtx560ti or not

    theres a modified driver here to do it

  2. well thats a bummer!!

    Thanks for the info though pal. Will need to do some more research before i get a new card. Either i sell this and get the new 680 when it comes or sli this and a 580 if possible with good scaling
  3. get a MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III PE / OC, you can overclock that thing like a beast up to and even past 580 clock speeds, it claims it has tripple overvoltage on the box n such the cooler is really good I'd recommend it.
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