Going RAID configuration. Double checking before ordering drives.

I have a media file/picture/web browsing computer and I am currently putting together a low/medium budget gaming computer and need some help with my drive selection.

For my Media computer I am thinking of running a raid 1 as my wife will mainly use it to store and edit pictures/videos/etc. Is this safe enough to be assured the data will not be lost? Would I be better just running it off one and keeping the backups elsewhere? My only concern is that I will be lazy and not back up regularly and then if I have a drive failure I will lose any new additions to the drive.

For my gaming computer I don't know if I should go with an SSD and a hard drive or run two drives in raid 0 configuration? I'm looking for a performance to cost ratio that maximizes my spending. I won't need more than 2-1TB drives or a 1TB drive and an ssd.

Is there a tutorial on here for setting up raids? I'm sure I'll look for one later but am admittedly being lazy right now. What is a good program used for setting up raid?

Any help/advice is much appreciated.
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  1. It is more economical to buy redundent HDDs and have a regular backup routine than do a RAID because, while a RAID 1 will protected against a hardware failure it will NOT protect against malware. Only backups will give your protected restore points. This is with the caveat that you can do a RAID 1 and a regular backup for double protection. The RAID does protect you on the fly but most people can afford to lose a few files if they backup regularly.

    To optimize boot up a SSD is the best choice with a storage drive backup.

    The best RAID is from a BIOS setup with an OS that recognizes the RAID.

    If you put your gaming OS on an SSD and just put your most popular games on it you should heve the best performance. However for your purposes you want a speedy HDD for your storage (7200 rpm at least).

    Another option for backup is cloud backup which backs up your system whenever you are on line.
  2. Friend, nowadays is insanely cheap to get a external hard drive for backup purpuses, so nobody does RAID 1.

    Regarding the SSD question, go for SSD. Some OCZ and Kingston drives are alredy in the $1/1GB range.

    Its insanely easy to setup RAID, you simply need to check your motherboards manual to see how to enter RAID configuration. Having said that, its nearly impossible to install Windows on RAID, and is fast/easy on a SSD. RAID works great as a second drive tough, I have 3x RAID 0
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