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Can i use a 500GB HD out of a sky box in my pc? It says 500GB 7200 rpm on it and its sata ?

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  1. If u can format it.
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    Some drives are configured to power up in standby (PUIS). If yours is one of these, then look for a PM2 jumper (WD). Otherwise use HDAT2 to disable PUIS. You will need to launch HDAT2 with the /w switch to wake up the drive.

    You may also find that your drive is password protected (for DRM reasons?).
  3. This is weird. I can get the HD on working, can format it and all of that kinda stuff installed win7 on it works fine untill 5 min after install done comp crashes i duno if its the HD or somthing eles but if i put it as says D:\games it works fine on all my games. Could it be its not been made for programs as fast and windows?

  4. Maybe there is protection on it.

    They don't want people make it hobby to hack in to it : )
  5. Whats the size?
  6. Maybe and its 500gb
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