im planning on doing a complete build using and old computer i have. its a sony vaio vgc-ra826g. this pc came water cooled. i only pland to use the case and cooling system. my question is, does anybody know if this cooling system is good enough to keep or should i just toss it and install a new one? i cant find any specs on it and i dont have the old manuals and paperwork anymore.
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  1. I can't seem to find any images or detailed info on what the cooling actually is...can you post a picture of the cooler? (Google image search is apparently short on them)

    I'll keep looking as well.


    Advanced Liquid Cooling System
    The heat pipe cooling system pulls heat away from the CPU, dissipating it through an exchanger, ensuring ultimate performance without the noise or hassle of alternative cooling systems.

    Heatpipe coolers aren't exactly liquid coolers in a sense that you might think. Most of your advanced air coolers are heatpipe solutions, if that helps. But if you can still post an image of the cooler, that would help finalize my recommendation. I am going to assume that it likely is either proprietary and not compatible with other mounting solutions, or just wouldn't be worth keeping. A $30 Hyper 212+ is a fantastic heatpipe air cooler...that's just one example.
  2. Hey, I just registered so I could get in on this discussion, so I hope I'm not bumping an old thread or breaking some rule or something, but I've got this same computer, and was trying to upgrade the CPU, [in fact it's in pieces in my bedroom floor right now]

    but I'm a little nervous to take the Heatpipe cooler off, it's got four of those spring loaded screws to hold it in place, but the heat pipes are routed in a way that makes it appear to be impossible to get clearance to swap the cpu, much less apply any thermal compound. I'd be willing to post pics if anyone want's to see them, however I was hoping the OP might have already solved this problem and could give me some advice. Also, I have quite a few documents [pdfs] on the system if you need them , but think you can get most of the info from sonysupport here:
  3. never tried to water cool a lap top but look at what people have done with the PS2, PS3, and XBOX 360 systems when it comes to water cooling them this my answer some of your questions.
  4. This model Vaio is actually a desktop and I believe a mid tower at that. Don't know about the cooler
    FOR ll350, To swap the CPU, the heatsink will have to be removed - it's a rather easy job but give yourself time, watch a couple of Youtube videos on "how to..." you might find it's not so intimidating in there
    Toolmaker, I even got something for you here too... Sony Vaio VPCEE laptop models (bottom comes off in one piece - without full disassembly) access to Fan/heatsinks, CPU/GPU and something else that runs hot but can't think of it... 3/8 od water in through vents using low profile waterblocks... I think it could be done
  5. Well, thanks for the responses, I'm new to this forum, but not totally a noob to upgrading CPUs, just a little out of practice/old school. I think I've pretty much given up on upgrading the CPU. Since it's still taken apart I might takes some pics to show the problem, but it basically boils down to OEM Case + OEM Cooling solution == Great Quiet Performance + Impossible to upgrade.

    Besides it's got a Pentium D 820, and I got a Pentium D 925 to upgrade it, however based on what the charts at say, I could only expect a 10% increase in performance. with the 820 @ 2.8 GHz and the 925 @ 3.0 GHz, I knew it wouldn't be much faster, but since the 925 has double the cache, I thought that would result in more dramatic improvement, plus I was kinda feeling stupid for buying a part that I can't use.

    Instead I'm gonna think of this as an opportunity. With the Spare CPU, Ram, and the x300 [woot!] graphics card I'll have left over after I upgrade the Sony, I can just pull out one of the hard drives in there I'm not really using, and I have all the parts I need for another computer, just need a barebones case and I could build myself a nice little linux machine or server to learn on. I've been needing to do that for a while now.
  6. I as thinking about doing the same I now have a working RA820g and a RA 830 w/o HDD and a RA 710 w/o HDD. I think I have a computer grave yard
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