Copy a dvd or CD to a flash drive

I have a DVD on environmental training aids/safety products, etc. and would like to copy it to a PNY 16GB flash drive.

My lap top is a Compaq Presario CQ56 running Windows 7.

I need your help here.

Thank you.
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  1. You need help for what exactly?
    I suppose you know how to use explorer /windows explorer not the internet explorer which is an internet browser/ file manager, right?
    It's a good idea before copying to make your explorer to see hidden and system files.
    Then you just navigate to your DVD's root and copy all files and folders from there /right mouse button>copy/, then go to the disk you want to put all in, make a new folder and Paste everything in it - that's about all.
    And the model of your laptop don't really matters here.
  2. Hi ladyhawk16 welcome to Toms Hardware forum,

    all u need to do is to make an iso image. And than u just mount it and use it.

    After u are done with making the iso, use this to mount it. What it does, it makes it looks like u have the DVD disc in DVD drive.
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