Two Drives, one boot, one system; surprise

I have a two drive Windows 7 system. Some how I ended up with C: being an Active System drive (physical) and D: being an Active Boot drive (also physical). I need to make C: both the Active Boot and System drive. How do I do that without re installing or other drastic measures?
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  1. Why do u need to do anything at all? Any problems?
  2. I have an SSD. I want to clone the existing C: drive (once it is both boot and system) and make the new SSD the new C drive. Even if I don't do this eventually I'll want to get a faster larger drive C:
  3. Can u post screenshot?
  4. Don't know how. I have a jpeg image but don't know how to insert it.
  5. gaf007 said:
    Don't know how. I have a jpeg image but don't know how to insert it.

    OK, make a free account at and upload the images.... Its really easy.

    Don't make them larger than 150KB, that's enough to see detail. And use gif.
  6. Sorry, but its only 22KB. Can't read it. Make it around 100KB

  7. Just clone the existing C: drive. What's stopping u?

    But best would be clean install.
  8. Thank you but I was wondering how to make C my boot and System drive. If I take D out (I have a second PC) this machine won't boot. Maybe if I just take D out and run the repair disk.
  9. Change the boot order in BIOS
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