AMD 8150, Sabertooth 990FX Stable on air only.

Using the stock heat/fan the best I could get, keeping CPU temp under 60 C, was 4.3Ghz. It will boot at 4.5 but it
soon gets too hot.

CPU Ratio 21.0 (With better cooling this is the one to raise)
CPU Bus 204 (205 made the video and network cards a bit unstable)
CPU Voltage 1.3375 (After a lot of testing this is it)
CPU/NB Voltage 1.200
DRAM Voltage 1.5 (Important)

All other settings on "automatic". Some default to something not automatic. Change them!

The board underclocked my 8GB G Skill 1866 RAM to 1655. The system ran faster so I left that alone.
I left all the power saving and CPU throttling options on. I want to use this computer for more than
benchmarks. Test it like a Ferrari and drive it like a Honda. Most of the time!

The ASUS TurboV EVO monitoring software reads ~5 degrees below what the motherboard's CPU temp sensor says so
keeping the Aida64 temp readout at or below 60 is a wise move. With these settings it hovers around 55 degrees
while running 100% on all cores. 42 degrees browsing the web.


Corsair 650W Gold P/S.
MSI 6550 1GB video card. Not O/C'd.
Dlink wireless N network card.
Corsair 128GB SSD. (AHCI)
WD 1 TB backup drive. (AHCI)
Blu Ray optical drive. (Seldom used)
ASUS 23 inch LCD monitor. (Hey, it was on sale!)
Filco RED keyboard.

Testing software:

Aida64 (Stress testing)
TurboV (BIOS changes under Windows. No reboots required. Mostly.)
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  1. Did you have a question?
  2. I wanted to add information that a few days ago when I searched for it I couldn't find here.

    Thanks for your input.
  3. Pretty good temperatures for a stock HSF and OC.
  4. Chainzsaw said:
    Pretty good temperatures for a stock HSF and OC.

    It's winter and cool in here. I expect them to rise as summer nears. I have 5 fans in the case and a very small amount of heat paste on the CPU. Very small as in a single grain or rice spread evenly over the face of the CPU.
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