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Hello Guys

Im a newbie here, and Im trying to build my first system (so far Ive been buying high end Dell and HP boxes).
I purchased a CaseLabs Magnum TH10 Case, and I need some help picking parts.
Some pointers:
- Noise factor is important for me; I need the built to be as silent as possible.
- I have a Dell T7400 packed with Hardrives and I ran out of room, for now I will move all internals to the TH10 Case but Im planning to get a different Mobo and CPU in the new future (maybe a SR-X when is available, and depending on the news about future XEON with Overclocking capabilities)
- Im considering Water Cooling, (for now not for my CPU or Mobo, but for my GPU (only one GTX 580) my Raid Card (ARECA 1882ix 24) and my Harddrives (twelve SAS 3.5 Inches 15K RPM).
My current T7400 is very hot inside and I think is affecting the overall performance, so when I move the internals to the TH10 Case I want to add water-cooling around (for the HDs, RAID and the GPU)
Later, when I get the new Mobo and CPU I might be overclocking (then I will need real cooling there).
Of course, if somebody tells me that I really benefit from water-cooling my current dual Xeon even though they are not OC, then I could do too.
This wont be a Gaming computer, but more of a Video Editing System (Also Photoshop work), Looks is important but not that important.
I know I need a Reservoir, Radiator, Fans, a Pump, Tubing, and some Waterblocks.
I just don’t know where to start, and what to get, specially because I don’t know how to pick regarding noise levels (I don’t want a watercooling system what will be more noisy than the Fans that could do the job).
The only thing Ive picked so far are HD Waterblocks from koolance:

The rest, there are so many brands and models that I don’t know where to start.

Some advice will be real cool and will help me a lot

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  1. Most of the noise will come from high RPM fans, you can generally check the dB level on fans that you purchase online.

    If you stick with low RPM fans, you will generally have a very quiet system, however if you want really low RPM or passive cooling, you will need more radiator space.

    I would give the sticky at the top of the forum a good read through to more familiarize yourself with PC water cooling so you can have some more specific questions that the community can address.

    Here is a link to the sticky:
  2. One quieting trick I learned is to put rubber or felt washers on the screws between the case fans and the case to isolate vibrations from the fans.

    there are also soft material plugs you can use to attach the fans instead of metal screws.
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