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I've just set up Virgin Broadband at home and can connect to the net via the Etheret Cable... but cant seem to connect wirelessly. apparantly, my network is set up properly, it says that it is connected to this network... but the wireless icon says 'Limited Connectivity' and I cant open up any webpages, even though the network is set up properly but the status says Validating Identity?? I called Virgin Media/D-Link and they cant help me. They said its something wrong with my laptop! But I dont have anyone to ask and Im certainly not calling PC Line which charges £1.00 a minute! I dont have a landline at home, so calling from a mobile is going to be expensive. If anyone can please help me, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! xxx :(
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  1. Are you using wireless router? If so, use a wired connection for now and confirm the setup works. Then we'll address the wireless issue.
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