Gigabyte UD3R and onboard sound?

Wasn't sure if I should put this hear or under the sound card category but...

I'm building a new i7 rig and this is the mobo I went with. I was wondering if the onboard sound is adequate? This is a gaming computer, I don't do any sound or video editing or anything with special effects. Basically my Logitech gaming headset is in it 24/7. So pretty much all I use sound for is normal video games/movies/music and then the mic for talking.

Main reason I ask is because my current rig has an Asus P5B-Deluxe... which had horrible onboard sound. There would be crackling noises and I was pretty much forced to buy a cheap 29.99 Audigy Card, which has been perfect. Besides that my Asus has been flawless the past 3.5 years though.

Will I need to do this for the UD3R also or should onboard be fine for what I need? I'm assuming it's not going to put any extra load on the mobo?

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    The on-board Realtek ALC889 sound chip on the GA-X58A-UD3R (I'm guessing that's the board you're referring to) is very good for a gaming system. I don't see any reason to waste money on a sound card for that board.
  2. Yep that's the board.

    Thanks a bunch, that's a relief.
  3. Plus, if you decide that the onboard sound is inadequate, you can always add one later.
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