Please help me choose HD4670 Brand

Guys, can you please help me choose with these 3 brands 4670?

1. HIS HD 4670 IceQ (Full HD 1080p) HDMI 512MB (128bit) GDDR3 Dual DL-D

core clock: 780Mhz
memory clock: 2000Mhz

2. Sapphhire HD4670 1Gb 128bit Ddr3

core clock: 750 Mhz
memory clock: 1800Mhz

3. HIS ATI Radeon hd4670 512mb gddr3 128bit Iceq Turbo

as per link provided:
core clock: 750 Mhz
memory clock: 1800Mhz

Here are the specs of my system:
Intel core 2 duo E7200
3GB DDR2 667
PSU 300W
19" wide monitor
1440x900 resolution

Thanks a lot
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  1. If you can afford the HIS IceQ, I'd recommend that.Much better cooling, and is pre-overclocked.
  2. thanks for the reply, i bought HIS IceQ pre-overclocked^_^
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