Trying to find a better processor and graphics card for my emachines ET1331G. Currently have A AMDIIX2 235E, and a NVIDIA GeForce6150SE Integrated. Just not sure what is compatible with Windows 7 and my computer.
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  1. Open the case and look for a model number somewhere on the motherboard, with that we may be able to give you some better cpu info. All I can tell you for now is that e-machines only lists official configurations with 65W or less CPUs.

    As for the video card you'll need to know two things: what type of slots you have available (we may also be able to get this with the motherboard model # if you find that) And what kind of output your power supply produces. It's an e-machine so I doubt its very much, but look for a label on the side of the power supply and find whats listed under 12V.
  2. Mcp61pm-gm rev 2.2

    i have same question too.
    would X-Fi work in this?

    also, could you just get another 6150 card installed and do SLI somehow?
  3. hmm, ok, so no responce. well i upgraded the PSU and threw in a Visiontek ATI Radeon HD 5670, almost unreal how i ever played before. Next up is the CPU and yet another PSU upgrade... went from 350 to 400, i'll drop in an 800 this time. save the old ones for something.
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