Sup homies! I'm still a n00b...need the 411 by some l33t playa's

Sorry about the obnoxious title...hey I had to get you in here somehow... I just need your advice on the fifth rig I've built...this is my best one yet! w00t!
I only want to run the componets at stock speeds for question:

Is my stock installation running as quickly as it should? I've included the installed componets and all the applicable information I could gather. I used a easy little program called speccy - check it out here if you want -

I guess, to me, it seems like the cpu/ram/mobo is bottlenecked? should my ram be running faster @ 800mhz? the mobo can handle 800mhz, 1066mhz and even 1333mhz if I overclock...what about the cpu's actual vs. rated vs. stock bus speed?

If this was your rig would you be satisfied or are there a few "standard" tweaks I'm not taking advantage of? Or does everything seem to be maxed out?

I know home construction really well...anyone have any questions in trade?

Thanks so much in advance and glad to be here


* Vista Home Premium 64 sp1
* Phenom II x4 940 - AM3
- bus speed = 200.9 mhz
- rated bus speed = 1808.2 mhz
- stock bus speed = 200 mhz
- L3 cache 6mb
- temp is appx 43 under no load
* Mushkin DDR2 - 8gb installed (4x2gb dimms)
-pc2-6400 (running @ 400mhz)
* Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P
- Support for DDR2 1333(O.C.)/1066/800 MHz
* Award Software - version f4 - 4/21/2009
* Evga Gtx275 - DDR3 - 896Mb - 448 Bit
* WD Black 640gb
* Antec 900 w/750psu
* LG DVD, LiteOn BluRay + bunch of fans and lights and stuff and an artic cooler on my cpu
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  1. everything looks good its running in cool and queit mode like it should your ram is running at 400 mhz which is ddr2 which equates to 800 mhz hence double data rate so its 400 x 2. If your concerned about bottlneck you should over clock your phenom but you shold be fine at stock if you dont know how. I f you want to see your speeds at full go to download CPU-Z and put your system under load you will see your clock speeds jump up to full speed its a power saver mode and its normal. Just enjoy your new rig man.

    If you plan on overclocking that rig get yourself some aftermarket heatsinks for it
  2. thanks man,

    be good to you bro.

  3. Here's the '411', go to school and learn proper English.

    Apart from that, get your OS updated to SP 2 and all the other updates which follow for Vista. It will help improve performance and security.
    You may well have to download the service pack manually however as the auto updater does not always pick it up I have noticed.

    Also you could do with a separate drive just for the OS to run from to improve load times in both windows and games. That way you can then have a swap file on each drive / partition, again improving load times, although this may be limited with 8gb of ram anyway.
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