Windows Crashing , Probably because of GPU

My problem is this:
In the last couple of days I started playing Dragon Age (great game btw) , and while I was playing the game froze and I saw glitched pixels (green , red etc) and the PC restarted.
I was surprised to see that even on boot , the pixels remained , so I shut my PC down for a while and then turned it back on ,
at which point the glitched pixels were gone.
After that event , the same thing started happening to me over and over in all games , and also while being on the desktop , with the monitor turning black and then returning to normal , at which point I noticed this message:

Subsequently , I tried using RivaTuner to force the clocks at stock (although they were already at stock) and forcing the fan to 80% with no success on solving the crash.

Here are my PC specs:

E8500 @ 3.5 GHz
9800GTX @ Stock , 195.39
DDRII 4GB @ 1000 Mhz , 5-5-5-15
GA-EP35 @ FSB 500

P.S I also tried playing games without OC'ing , but the crash still occured.
P.S.S I tried using the 191.07 WHQL certified driver , but to no success.

Thanks in advance for all help.
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  1. Rivatuner might be the culprit itself. Try uninstalling Rivatuner and perhaps any other GPU program and see if the same thing still occurs.
  2. I installed RivaTuner after the first crash to try and fix it , so I'm guessing it's not it , but I'll try.
  3. Completely uninstall your driver and use either the new beta drivers or a previous driver. See if that helps.
  4. Clean your card, your case, blow out all the dust. Check your temps, take the side off and run it, blow air into open side of case
  5. What max temps should I be looking for?
    My case is pretty well ventilated and I have cleaned it recently , but how should I clean my card exactly?
  6. 80s centigrade, low 80s, 70s preferably
  7. ^ Thats under load, not idle as well
  8. I completely uninstalled my Nvidia drivers , restarted my PC , and then reinstalled Nvidia drivers to version 191.07.
    Interestingly , I think I spotted the same crash with the glitched pixels while I was on the desktop with the Nvidia driver uninstalled (although Windows 7 did install some sort of a generic VGA driver) , but without the freeze followed by a restart.
    After reinstalling the drivers , I was able to record temps while playing MW2 and while crash was occurring (I was able to "save it" before PC restarted by hitting Alt+Ctrl+Del) the max temp I got was 78 C as recorded by HWMonitor.
  9. If its artifacting, it could be your gpus ram, and it got hot at some point and cooked.
    Try underclocking your card, and keep it cool, it may work, make sure the profile is set for underclocking at boot, so as not to cause more harm.
    This may or may not work, if it is the ram
  10. So you are saying that the actual card is damaged? I think my insurance is still valid , should I replace it?
  11. Oh I forgot to mention , another symptom of this "crash" is object being displayed in an off color (such as green , purple) or completely corrupted pixels.
    EDIT: it looks something like this: (this is a google'd screenshot)
  12. Id RMA it if youre still covered. It sounds like it got cooked, as youve said it does this in 2D at desk top, without gaming, and, after cooling off, it lasts until it heats again more or less.
  13. how long you had the card
  14. @ obsidian86: I bought it at the end of April , 2008. BTW , it was never OC'ed for a long period.
    @ jaydeejohn: weird thing if it did got cooked - I was using the current setup for a while now , and it suddenly happened out of nowhere...
  15. Here is something I tried and seemed to stop the crashes:
    I clocked everything at stock (ie FSB 333) and removed two DDRII I installed about a month ago , and the problem seems to disappear , thought my PC is considerably slower.
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