2x OnBoard SATAIII Raid0 vs. 4x SATAIII on PCIe 2.0 Card


I wanted to ask if anybody has some experience on that. I wanted to put 4x Vertex 3 MaxIOPS 120GB into a RAID0. But I would only have 2x SATAIII Ports on my C206 Intel Chipset. So I tought I could use one of the PCIe 2.0 x4 for a Raid Controller with SATAIII. What would you do? Recommend? Raid Controller or Onboard? If Raid Controller which one?

What would you think is the performance compared to a OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2?

Thanks guys,

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  1. Yves,
    Unless you're running a server or something I don't see the benefit of the monster 4x RAID0 with PCI-E controller- I mean, is it really worth the extra cost?

    Of course the 4x with PCI-E will be faster, it's all up to you and your cost-benefit analysis, But unless you're a professional video editor/photographer/whatever and every second of time matters to you, I don't see how having 2GB/s speeds instead of 1GB/s is going to be worth the much greater investment, those drives are very fast.
  2. Its for a workstation. Which will be used for video editing also for professional photographer stuff.

    Which RAID-Controller for SATAIII would you recommend?
  3. You probably can use LSI's card which runs about 650 dollars ballpark and can carry up to 8 SATA III drives in any raid you can think of, all the way to Raid 60.

    Running a business is not the same as gaming. And yes I have 4 SATAIII OCZ vertex 3 and one patriot on my intel raid. The problem is I am running out of SATA ports and may have to change boards to gain a PCIe 8x slot to add or go with the X70 motherboard.

    Always have a 2 or 3 terabyte spinner backing up your SSD data at all times. You can lose the SSD's at any time, especially if you fail to use quality locking sata data cables.

    One time my cat destroyed the Antec 900 raid on SSD when it pulled the entire fan cage straight out off the cables and all. I have fit to seriously butcher that furball.
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