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so i just got battlefield 3 and wanted to know if i can get a little more power out of my computer than i have at the moment

im not using anything too crazy so im not expecting too much but just wondering if i can push it a little further

im have
ocz fatality 550w
8 gig of adata ddr2 (2 pairs of 2x)
AMD phenom II 925 @ 2.8
biostar A770e
gtx 550
nothing to impressive

if you need to know anymore than that just ask i can give more infromation
im not trying to run the graphics any higher just wondernig if i can get a little more powa
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  1. biostar bad for oc..
  2. im not trying to push it any further than 3.6 i wouldnt be able to reach 3.5 or 3.6 with this?
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