OCing 975 Black Edition - Need Ur Experiences

I have a Phenom II x4 965 BE and Malmental said I could just up the multiplier (no voltage tinkering) and get 3.8Ghz out of it - and MOST people do. Mine however runs sweet with no issues @ 3.7Ghz all day long on stock air.

But my buddy is looking into the Phenom II X4 975 BE and we were both wondering what it's "top" could be just by multiplier (no volt tinkering - because I understand; voltage up = heat up.

Any one have any experience with overclocking the 975 BE on air first hand via multiplier only?

Thanks folks.
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  1. I'm not on air sorry, but Mal is right, 200MHz on air isn't a huge effort,
    I have 4.4GHZ on water with 1.45v though,
    **Edit, got 4.5GHz today, no stresstesting though

  2. that's cool, I would have never imaged that you could clock so high on air cooling. I water cool myself, but I like to over clock. I know that you will have to play with your vcore eventually, but as long as it isn't getting to hot, keep going.
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