Windows 7, Internet suddenly stopped, telling me it's an unidentified network...

Hi, I was windering if I could get any help...
I've had Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit for a while now, running on a Dell Inspiron 15 gotten in December, which originally came with Vista 32 bit.
It has a stock Dell network card (Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN mini Card), and it was running fine until about 3 hours ago, when it suddenly stopped.
Now I'm getting a little "!" where I could normally have the graduated bars showing the strength of the connection, and when I scroll over it, it says "Unidentified Network; No Internet Access."
The connection map says it reaches the router/network, but not the Internet, and in Change Adapter Settings, it tells me the signal strength is strong, but it is not connected.
Thus far I have disabled and enabled the connection more times than I want to think about, diagnosed multiple times, changed the IPv4 settings in all manner of ways, connected via an ethernet cable and removed it (to try jump start the network card), reset my IP configurations, rebooted, turned on and off the router, restarted my connection and even completed a system restore, to no avail.
A friend took my laptop and then removed the wireless network I use, and I cannot find it again to add it, which is also a problem.
My firewall is temporarily turned off, and previous downloads and cookies have been removed.
The other (family) laptop is connecting fine via a dongle, which is how I'm managing to ask for help here.
Any advise would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. See if this helps: [...] ssconn.htm

    It's specifically about XP, but something similar may be happening in Vista and Win7.

    Also, make sure to always broadcast your SSID.
  2. press Fn key in the keyboard,leave the key and then press f2 (f2 key showing wirless symbol). Hopefully it will work.

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