[ HELP ] 230mm Fan Conundrum :P

I have a 200/230mm CoolerMaster case-fan ( I think its 200mm, But DO NOT count me on it, it shouldn't matter either way, Size isn't the relevant issue ). My microATX EVGA Motherboard has 1 4-Pin CPU_FAN Connection ( Which is obviously being utilized :P ) + 1 3-Pin CHASSIS_FAN Connection. That's just backround information I felt that someone might need, so here's my real issue:

- Whenever I connect the 3-Pin Header from the FAN Into the 3-Pin CHASSIS_FAN Connection on the MB The fan spins BUT: The fan spins SUPER SLOW, I can literally put my index finger on the fan blades and it would stop! I took the fan from a CM HAF 922 Case that I bought about a year ago. So I guess what I'm really asking is: Whats going wrong? Is it just that the CHASSIS_FAN Header is "defective", Am I not plugging it on correctly?, Is the fan dead?, I don't know how to get it to move remotely quick enough to move ANY air. It's not really a MUST have thing for my system, I already have PLENTY of cooling ( G.Skill 2x40mm fan Memory-cooler, Heatsink, PSU Fan ( Which is blowing the air up towards the bottom of my board, adding to the airflow :D ) and 1 120mm. But I would hate to see a huge, new, and potentially useful fan go to waste!

Also, for some reason there's a 2-pin connection coming from the fan...What is that? Is it to power the LED's on the fan? or what? ^.^

NOTE: Sorry If i'm a little "long-winded", I just want to include enough information so I can get help quickly and efficiently from other forumer's :)



- Grady
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  1. if you get the program speedfan, you can monitor speeds, i would say if its spinning below 500rpm (based on a quick look at a 200mm fan :P) then there may be an issue
  2. Google the model number on the back of the fan, see if you can dig up reviews or C.m. details on it, may point out the purpose of the connector
    and Dw about it rolling slow, big fans do :)
    at a guess though, its for people who don't bother about monitoring the fanspeed, whats the wiring on the two plugs?
    3pin red/black/yellow
    2pin red/black

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