Game installed on SSD, can I get combat logs to write on storage drive

I have windows & Rift installed on my SSD and I run a parser to analyze my combat logs.

I'd rather not use up space on my SSD, so I was wondering if there is a way that I can have the combat logs write to my storage HDD instead of being saved in Rift's program file on my SSD?
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  1. Depends how they are stored. Is there a specific folder that houses the logs and nothing else?
    Because it is possible to create a kind of linked folder that looks like it's on the SSD but is actually on the mechanical drive. I have a number of these that point to folders in my local Dropbox tree for automatically updating stuff all over the place. I've never used them any place where a game might be actively reading and writing a lot though.
  2. I'll check when I get home tonight, but from what I recall, they are just in the general Rift folder.
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