ATI 5770 with 3 Monitors

Hi Folks

I have just installed a ATI Radeon HD 5770, and connected 3 monitors. However I can not get all 3 to display at once - only 2.

I have 1 Dell U2410 connected via display port & 2 19" LCDs connected via DVI. I can not see the 3rd monitor in Windows Display Settings, nor in Catalyst Control I missing something?
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  1. you need to connect atleast one of the monitor in the display port to make eyefinity work
  2. and if you have to convert display port to dvi you have to have an active converter and not a passive one
  3. Also just check on the input settings of your monitor, I have seen some of the Dell monitors that have multiple inputs not auto detect which port the signal os comming in through. Just a minor thing that can be overlooked.
  4. Hi Folks,

    I have the a Dell U2410 which has a display port output - connected to the 5770 via the supplied display port cable. The other 2 LCDs are connected via DVI.

    I can only get two displays going at the same time (the Dell & 1 other), neither windows or CCC seem to pickup that I have 3 monitors plugged in.
  5. Have you swapped the monitors around to see if maybe one of the ports are bad? I am asumming that these were all monitors that you had running before hand that worked just fine. If you find out that the port isn't working then yuo can get and HDMI-DVI cable to use that port or return the card and exchange it.
  6. I've got the same issue.
  7. Hello guys. To activate the third monitor also; so that you will be able to extend desktop on three and not only two LCDs, you need an ACTIVE display port adapter AND NOT PASSIVE. The difference between these two is that active one has also an usb connection because of some extra charging which will send out three DVI signals at once and not only two.

    this is cable you need (avtive)

    and this is the wrong one (passive)

    But here is the next problem...the active port is very hard to find, and even if you will find it it will cost you from $150-$250 so, its more than one monitor.

    I am from Slovenia, Europe and I am stills searching for this display port. recently, I found it here but it seems that the web is available only for U.S. clients.

    Oh, and BTW here you have all data that you need to solve you issue

    If you are from Europe and if you will find anywhere on the web Active display port adapter, please let me know on my email



    P.s.: I have three LCDs here and only two works, for more than two months already:) I hope I will get this adapter very soon and you too:)
  8. I too wanted to take this graphic card and I remember well that I had read about the specifics of this card that you can only use 2 outputs, so I think you can't do anything :(

    maybe you can do something, but I am sure that is not provided by the manufacturer

    EDIT: sorry maybe I confused with another ATI card, but to use 3 monitors at least one must use the "DisplayPort".
  9. here is the original Active displayport to Dual-Link DVI Adapter
  10. He is saying clearly and repeatedly that he is NOT using an adapter. He has a display port monitor which is connected to the port and functioning properly.
  11. jyjjy said:
    He is saying clearly and repeatedly that he is NOT using an adapter. He has a display port monitor which is connected to the port and functioning properly.

    yes maybe you are right, but even if he is not using it, the third monitor does not work because the monitor needs an extra charging...and without usb connection he will not get it... the graphic card sends out only enough power for two monitors at the same time and not his situation is even more complicated..
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