Temp sensor mod for reservoir

Another day, another mod hehe
Bought a couple of usb temp sensors
to check out my loops performance, one is ambient measure, and I've been waiting for a couple of G1/4 caps to arrive,
you could also do this with Led's if you sealed the prongs correctly, no responsibility accepted for boo-boo's, you mess at your own risk, same as always

Shiny G1/4 caps, Hex-head fastening, they don't even know whats coming....

Omg dude? some dude just totally like, drilled you lol

Sensor fed through and ready to seal

Glued/sealed both sides and left to set,

took the opportunity to top up whilst open and fitted the sensor cap

Sensor is 4.5mm so I used a 4.5mm bit, nice tight fit, I filled the gap I had drilled with glue then fed the sensor through to ensure a good seal before adding a good blob each side of the seal, allowing it to set slightly and forcing it into the gap, then adding more glue to form

temps looking good although I wonder why my ambient is higher than the water :P **Edit, seems to have resolved itself now
I think its just heat rising in the room, cores are good, water temps good

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  1. Pretty slick DIY sensor mod you got there. I like it- in fact, thinking about adding one to the last port on my mini-res.
  2. I'll throw you a link for the the usb I bought, china job, couple of quid :)
    I mentioned led mod possibilities as proximon liked the idea too, but for lighting,

  3. Sounds good- I might also look for a 2-pin sensor as I have 3 additional spots on for thermal probes on my fan controller.
  4. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC-Laptop-USB-Thermometer-Temperature-Sensor-C893-/360282444174?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Test_Measurement_Equipment_ET&hash=item53e281d18e

    comes with a micro disk for software, I was going to put one in the pump/res but struggled to find any caps to fit, plus its under pressure as its lower in the loop
    :P I really don't want that leaking hehe
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