Will upgrading my old p4 519K to Core 2 duo E7500 (2.93Ghz) help???

Well am desperate to upgrade my old p4 519K(3.07Ghz) to a new core 2 duo E7500(2.93Ghz)...
I've a-
p4 519K(3.07Ghz);
2gb ddr2(667Mhz);
xfx geforce 9600gt (59w) running at 650/1625/900 Mhz;
600w zebronics pro PSU;
asus p5kpl-am/ps :( motherboard;
....n at 1280x1024 n AF n AA(8x) I get fps of abt 40-90 in games like GTA SA,Fifa10,Doom3,Infernal,Splinter Cell:Chaos Theory.However in GRID with e'rythin maxxd i get only 15 fps..n 3d mark06 gives 4480 marks with cpu gettin 739!!!

suggest me how to improve my fps....like should I go ahead with my c2d buy n get my desired fps(say 60 on avg) ???
please reply
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  1. All those games you've listed are very old.
    and GRID is new compared to those.
    Your processor is holding you back.

    A C2D will do nicely for that resolution.
    Go for it.
  2. Check your post screen for the board bios version using the "pause" key. You need bios version 310 or newer to run the e7500. If you need to flash the bios, use your old cpu and read the directions carefully, or you will end up with a dead board.
  3. Well my motherboard BIOS version was 406 n I flashed it to 412 version....so pretty much updated!!!
    .....all I wanna know is will my 3d mark06 score improve n I get better fps with the c2d???

    I was expecting it to score about 7000+ in 3d mark06 at 1280x1024 with AI(4x) n AF(4x)....but cant figure out where's da problem. Possibly the CPU is a bottleneck .....
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