When do I know when I need better cooling?

I've new to this whole PC thing, and I recently bought a PC that is capable of gaming. I hear cooling is a big problem with GPUs and that overheating can damage it. When I play BF3 for a couple hours, I get around 60-70 degrees Celsius. Is that ok or bad? If that's bad, please post links to some good cooling systems, thanks!
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  1. If thats yor Gpu temp then thats fine, they do run hotter than Cpu's
  2. motopsychojd is absolutely correct. however, different GPUs can tolerate different temperatures, some, especially the AMD 79xx series, can be at anywhere under 80 degrees Celsius and be perfectly safe. but yeah, 60-70 is fine for just about every GPU out there, even for a lot of CPUs
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