My 1tb WD Caviar Green started responding slow when booting the pc and using win

Hello,my 1TB Caviar Green Started responding slow when i boot the pc and even using
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  1. Show us a HD Tune read benchmark graph.

    Also show us what it reports under the Health tab.
  2. I have exactly the same issue... Slowing Windows XP after installing the WD Green Caviar 1TB

    According to HD Tune (Health Tab):

    One of my hard disk exhibit this error...

    (05) Reallocated sector count .... (Failed)

    What does that mean? and how will I fix it...

    Thanks much...
  3. Your drive has exceeded the maximum number of bad sectors allowed for by SMART. When a sector goes bad, its LBA is reallocated to a spare sector.

    Try to backup your data ASAP and then replace the drive.

    See this article for SMART info:
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