Help!! ....mobo for amd x2 620

Please help

Pls suggest the cheapest mobo for the amd xII 620 processor(supports the am3 socket)...yet reliable, supportin ddr3 memory.... I cannot go for combo offers as sites like newegg doesent ship to India..My budget is around Rs.4000 ( 60$ - 90$)...I would be using the machine for gaming which i wish to support with the radeon hd4850(which has very good reviews)..

many thankz for anyone who replies.>
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  1. This one:
    i have the AM2+ version for my Athlon IIx4 620

    This one is the same but supports crossfire... if you ever want it:

    Slower second slot but that won't reduce performance much and not at all if you are only crossfiring two 4850s
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