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I have a HP Pavilion It came with Windows Vista and I wanted Xp so I installed that, and it worked. That was a few years ago. Then my hard drive crashed and I got a new Xp CD and installed Xp again (new hard drive obviously). This time the NIC doesn't work.

This is the hardware info:

I don't think there exists a motherboard driver I can get without using Vista or something like that. But anyway my NIC worked right out of the "box" last time when I insalled Xp, and also when I tried installing Ubuntu. So there must be some kind of driver I can get for my NIC that makes it work, right? Can you help me find some sort of NIC driver, please?
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  1. I can't use that since it requires internet access to use (it sends information about the hardware and downloads appropriate drivers).
  2. How did you install the drivers a couple years ago? What NIC is it?
  3. Go into the Device manager andd see if it is listed there or if there are listings for any unknown devices - go to them and use the option to update the driver and see if it finds the proper driver.
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