Help OC q9400 + ddr3 1333mhz ram

Hi, i need help to make a safe OC with my computer, components are:

-Quad Core q9400
-asrock p43Twins 1600
-G.skil PC3-10666 DDR3 7-7-7-21, 2x4gb

i hit the jumpers to 1600fsb motherboard.

when i hit the 400fsb the computer doesnt start.. i did with octuner and when i hit the 400fsb i have blue screen with error of pagefile.. i think its ram.. any ideas?
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  1. Have you read the overclocking stickies so you know what and why you are changing numbers? I doubt it's the RAM, I'm guessing 400 FSB is too much for the CPU to handle without changing voltages and all the other intricacies to overclocking...
  2. yes i read the overclocking stickies and i followed the steps, after i set the 1600fsb jumper to my mobo, i need to set 400 fsb to see the 1333 (667) ddr3 frecuency, but if i put this the computer dont start, i did set the timmings (7-7-21-7) and the rest on auto, and too fail..
  3. bump! no one can help me? i want to set my rams to default timmins and frec (7-7-7-21 1333mhz) and after it do OC to my cpu, but i cant set the 1333mhz, the computer dont start.. too i saw when i up the fsb, too memory ram frecuency goes up so i dont know how i need to do.
    Other things are, if i set fsb 1600 on mobo, the ram is sync 1:1, but if i set 1333 on mobo, ram goes to 5:6 :/
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