Losing My Mind Trying To Fix

Hi there, I have been having a problem with my computer ever since I built it. I recently though it was a GFX card issue, but I just got a new card and that isn't it. I get "attempt to reset the display driver has failed blah blah" atikmdag.sys. I have been through everything. Good memory, plenty of power, not overheating, used driversweeper and safe mode to do clean install of drivers...

So my question to you is, the only things left for me to test are my motherboard and my monitor+cable. Could these be causing it? Motherboard seems the likely suspect now but I need to wait to get a new one to test, and that is more money spent. Could it be which slot I have the card in? I have it in the top PCI 16x slot about to test the other one.

I'm losing my mind and my wallet is dissapearing, this is ridiculous.

It only happens in some games, most recently borderlands/crysis. Never did it in fallout 3 or WoW (unless I was running like 4 wow windows).

8g 4x2gig Corsair Ballistix Memory
XFX ATI 4890
Corsair 650TX PSU
Samsung Syncmaster 226bw
Intel e8400 core 2 duo 3.0
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  1. What operating system and version are you using?
    Try doing some testing with just 4GB of RAM installed.
  2. Could also try a full reinstall. Maybe there is a driver that driversweeper didn't quite pick up. Also, did you get a driver cd with your motherboard? Could be that there is a chipset driver you are missing. Back in the old days you could have troubles like that
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