GTX580 Overlay Spiking Issues in Battlefield 3

Hey everyone,

I am in the middle of troubleshooting a lot of problems with the new PC I just built, and seem to come across more everyday. My latest involves the GPU performance in Battlefield 3 when using the Overlay to monitor it. As can bee seen in the screenshot below, the graph looks nowhere near like what it should. I will be doing a lot of work on my PC in the next day or so, likely including a complete reformat and reinstallation of Windows, but wanted to see if this was actually a physical hardware problem with my GPU or a know issue with my specific card and Battlefield or a driver bug etc. Please note that I have checked my temperatures while playing and they stay within acceptable ranges (max 71 for GPU, usually in the 60s, and max 63 for CPU, usually in the 50)

Here is a list of specs:
2700k OCd to 4.8GHz
GTX580 (stock speed)
ASUS Z68 Deluxe Motherboard
Corsair 1050W PSU

Thank you all for any responses!
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  1. I managed to find a solution to this, by installing 285.62 drivers in case anyone was wondering. It seems to have slightly lowered my FPS, but I feel better having that than an unstable GPU graph.
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