P6X58D-E Questions

After reading its review, I saw this

The P6X58D-E isn’t issue-free, though, as it (and all other boards of similar slot arrangement) requires a nonstandard eight-slot case in order to “properly” support a third double-slot card, which is a step backward for ease-of-installation compared to the older, low-budget P6T.

Since English is not my natal language, I'd like to make sure that it only mean that I should get a non standard case only if I want to put 3 double slot card (Like 3 5970). So If I want to put two 5850 or two GTX470 a standard case will do.

Also I saw this

Express Gate Flash drive

What is that? I Guess it's not the Express Gate the mini OS on board that let you boot in 5 sec and chat with people?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- Yeah, the 1st quote only means that u need a Full ATX case for handle 3-Way or 4-Way Crossfire or SLI. For 2x5850 or 2x470 a mid tower is enough.

    2- The Asus Express Gate is a software application installed in the firmware of newer Asus motherboards. Express Gate acts as a mini operating system, offering the user access to mini-games, their photos, instant messenger programs, Skype, the Web, and more, within 5 seconds of powering on their PC. Express Gate loads immediately, prior to the computer entering the main operating system, be it Linux, Windows, or other.. Complete source here
  2. Thank. I only plan to put two SLI so I guess I'll be OK.

    You gave me the description of Asus Express Gate, but I wrote Asus Express Gate Flash Drive, which I'm not sure It's the same. I read the P6X58D-E description on Asus webpage state that it have ther Asus Express Gate. So that's why I'm asking.
  3. It's the same, the only difference is that u install the software in a Flash drive and not in the HD of the rig.

    Obviously, the performance in the HD and the flash drive is very different.
  4. Alright I see, thank.
  5. Any time, that's why we are here.
  6. Kontrol, I have the same board with a sapphire vapor-x 5850 and it looks like there is 0 room in between the first and second x 16 slots after I put the card in. Are you having issues putting your two cross fire cards in? I'm afraid I'll short out both cards....
  7. I don't have this board yet. Will start buying those pieces soon.

    I noticed looking at the board picture that the two x16 slot are very close. But there is a slot between both no? Or is the 5850 that big?

    I will probably go for two SLI GTX 470 (Yes I'm trying it hehe) so I wonder if that would fit. But I didn't see huge warning from review on the board that no SLI would fit. I only saw that they are a bit too close to each other.
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