I7 920 temp. high/cannot load os

I am new to the forum. I have been reading through the threads and thought someone might be able to offer some insight to a problem I am having with my first build.
Everything seemed to have gone fine with the installation but the cpu temperature reading in bios was at first 51-55C. After re-seating it and reapplying thermal paste it is now even higher at 51-57C.
I also cannot get to the start up menu to install Windows 7. It loads but then stop where the first window should show up leaving just the Windows 7 back ground (blue color with doves and stuff) with no options. This is strange b/c I installed it with the same disk on a much older computer. So i know that it is not disk.
Could this be b/c of the temperature? 57C is way too high right? I am using the stock settings and heatsink. I also have two chassis fans.
Any thoughts would be awesome. Thanks.
specs:Asus P6T mobo, CORSAIR PTX750W psu, core i7 cpu, CORSAIR DOMINATOR 6 gb ram,Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX (768MB)
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  1. I'm gonna bump your thread with the comment that it's probably not the temperature. While those are high idle temps, they're still well within operating range. I would question whether you applied the thermal paste correctly, though. Did you clean the heatsink's thermal grease off completely (using iso propyl alcohol or even nail polish remover) before you applied your new thermal compound to the CPU and mounted?

    Did you get any thermal compound on the motherboard? It's also possible that there's a fault with the motherboard and it's reading the temps wrong and causing your installation problem.
  2. the temps should be around 40-45 degrees Celsius.
    I hate Intel heat sinks. The pushdown pins suck.

    But even at 55, it should still boot up. It shouldn't shut down until it reaches 100 degrees. Maybe check your ram settings. Those ASUS boards are picking about ram.
  3. ^No the temps should be around 30-35C Celsius at idle, if your room temp is 20-25C

    Obviously intel heatsink sucks, they use cheap low cost heatinks and sell it out to make a high profit with the cpu.

    To OP:
    Go through this article
  4. overshocks said:
    ^No the temps should be around 30-35C Celsius at idle, if your room temp is 20-25C

    I'm talking about the crappy stock heatsink. My ambient temps are around 70 degrees F
    The 1366 run way hotter than the 1156 CPUs

    With my aftermarket heatsink, I idle around 29~35 with the same ambient temps.
    Although my i7 rig with the stock heatsink has the C1 stepping and the one with the
    aftermarket has the D0 stepping.
  5. It sounds like you possibly have multiple issues going on here. Your idle temps indicate that the HSF was not installed properly. Did you carefully follow the instructions on how to install the HSF? Did you rotate the pins the opposite direction as the arrows before pushing them in? Did you install the HSF with the motherboard outside the case so you could ensure all four pins are fully seated? Does the HSF wiggle at all if you grab it and try to move it?

    The system should still install the OS, though. How long did you wait for the installation to complete. I've seen quite a few people post about OS installation problems. In many cases the only "problem" was that they weren't waiting long enough. There are times during the installation that it looks like nothing is happening.
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