850w for overclocking, is it enough ?

I have corsair 850w bronze, and will overclock i5 quad core + GTX 570 (fabric overclocked).
Im using 16 gb 1600mhz ram, and a SSD 120 gb.
Would this be enough to run the whole system stable (with the i5 and GTX 570 overclocked)
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  1. yes, that is plenty of power. overcloking that cpu will not drastically increase the power consumption.
    i am running an i5 2500K OC'd to a modest 4.2Ghz with a HD6850 (also OC'd) and an old fashioned mechanical hard drive which uses much more power than an SSD on a 520w Seasonic power supply.
    you should even be able to add an additional GTX570 for SLI, maybe even a third with all that power!
  2. 570's use 221 watts I believe...CPU 95 watts.....HDD what like 35 watts....RAM like 20 watts....I may be off on some of those figures but 850 watts is a gob of power...I X-Fire 6870's on a 125 watt X4 965 OC'ed to 4.3 GHz , 2x4GB 1.65v RAM with 3 HDD's (2 in hot swap bays) 1 SSD, 1 Blu-Ray player, (5) 120mm fans...All on a 550-watt PSU
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